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Which movies, reveals and studios gained public attention at CinemaCon 2013?

Which movies were the buzz drivers at CinemaCon this year?

The biggest news at CinemaCon, in buzz terms, proved to be Star Wars

Disney will be pleased The Lone Ranger footage was received with loud applause from exhibitors and additionally the buzz levels match this positive response. Johnny Depp’s appearance to introduce the clips also proved effective as a buzz driver.

Interestingly, The Man of Steel trailer has generated significantly more noise outside of CinemaCon with its online debut. Elsewhere Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks help give The Hunger Games: Catching Fire new trailer on display some online noise, whilst the Fast & Furious 7 announcement gains the franchise some traction online. FastFurious 6 which contributes to its buzz levels. Ender’s Game, aside from Catching Fire, was Lionsgate’s big trailer reveal and they can be happy with the results, particularly the positive blogger reaction.


Which movies generated the most intent to view?

Star Trek topples Star Wars in generating intent to view, expectedly due to the footage shown generating more “I want to see” commentary than the announcement of a Star Wars movie every summer from 2015.

The positive reaction to The Lone Ranger footage is reflected in its increased intent to view. World War Z and Man of Steel similarly rank highly in intent to view.image

Which studios generated the most specific social buzz for their presentations?

Given the Star Wars/Lone Ranger response and a   Alan Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, may well have hinted why when he told exhibitors of their tentpole strategy: “There is no other studio that will give you and us in partnership eight tentpole movies a year.”


Fox’s strong slate was emphasised with previews of The Wolverine, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Rio 2, the ‘oscar bound’ Walter Mitty and Ridley Scott’s next film.image

Which studio presentations generated intent to view?

Looking at the mentions of studios (not their titles) and their general slate presentations in creating intent to view, we see Disney and Universal lead again. Paramount Pictures, although lower in overall buzz compared to Warner Bros, generated increased intent to view.